Company was founded on June 1975 based on the management policy, Customer oriented & Credibility & Symbiosis, and since then we have promoted business for 40years in Higashi-Osaka city.
Based on the experience and technology generated for years, we successfully developed HEATOP, our original heat-resistant paint.
Since we understood customer needs such as Weatherbility, Acid resistance, Oil resistance, Warm water resistance, and Long term durability in natural exposure not only Heat resistance, we could achieve to develop special purpose paint such as CERATOP, Ceramics type for super high bake.
Considering friendly environment, Waterborne heat-resistant paint, AQUAHEAT, for VOC measure, has been put on the market and AQUAHEAT has had good customer reputation.
In January 2012, we obtained ISO 9001certificate and we are aiming at continuous improvement of Quality management system to respond to various customer needs.
Through these activities, Nekken Chemical Indusry Co. try to expand our business by proposing attractive products to customers as a development oriented supplier and being useful for customers.
I appreciate your continuous support and patronage.