Company History

1975Founded at current site.
1977Expanding Head Quarter and factory.
1978Unified KANTOU office as TOKYO office and started a new office in TAITOU-ku, Tokyo.
1979AX-200, heat and chemical resistant inner paint, was adopted for inner tank paint of crude oil tank.
1980HS-250, heat and chemical resistant inner paint, was adopted for inner paint of hot air oven at steel makers.
1981Heat-resistant Heavy duty paint, SLZ-1300, (one-component silicone resin type Zinc rich paint) was adopted for dust collector at steel makers and mining makers.
1982Dangerous goods warehouse was expanded for enhansement of factory facility.
1985Expansion of dangerous goods warehouse and introduction of special grind mill were implemented for enhansement of factory facility.
1986Developed CERATOP, Ceramics type paint.
1988Developed AI-250, Heat and Acid resistant paint.
Adopted at oil makers.
1989Capital increase to 10, 000, 000 Yen.
1991Developed STA coat series as non-ferrous metal paint.
1992CERATOP modified product, Ceramics type paint, was selected as encouragement subsidy product from Osaka prefecture.
1993STA coat V2 was selected for noise absorption wall paint at OSAKA construction dept.
1994AI-250, Heat and Acid resistant paint, was adopted for chimney inner paint of public waste incineration plant.
1995Developed SUBERANAITO series, non-slip type paint.
1996Developed BATHTOP, bathtub repair paint.
1998Certified AI-250, Heat and Acid resistant paint, as HIGASHIOSAKA brand product.
2000Built a new factory and dangerous goods warehouse for productivity up.
2001Built No2 dangerous goods warehouse and new Head Quarter office.
2003Capital increase to 15,000,000 Yen.
2005Facility enhancement at R&D dept. and completion of analytical lab.
2006Development of heat-resistant label for lazor printer.
2008Introduction of new analytical equipment for analytical ability enhancement.
Developed AQUAHEAT, environmental friendly waterborne heat-resistant paint.
2010Participate in SHICHIFUKU IRON WORKS CO. group.
2012Obtained ISO9001certificate.
2014Introduction of production equipment for Waterborne heat-resistant paint.
2018Development Room Temperature(RT) curing Heat resistant paint.