Due to the application of Two-component system, MH-600 cures at room temperature, without heating, and secures film hardness.

MH-600 is suitable for film protection from a scratch during transportation and curing before bake.


  • Heat resistance temp. is from RT to 600℃.
  • Excellent heat, corrosion, and mar resistance.
  • Excellent workability by brush and spray.
  • Applicable substrate : Steel.
  • Corresponding to recoat with our products
  • Heatop S type
  • Heatop SZ-1200 type
  • (Inorganic Zinc rich paint)


15.6㎏, 4.16㎏ (MHthinner : 16L, 4L)

*No separate sales of paint and hardener.

Comparison of RT curing and baking type
(RT curing type)
RT Pencil
hardness : B
(After 3days
at RT dry)
hardness : 4B
(After 3days
at RT dry)
Baking Pencil
hardness : H
(min 250℃
X 60min)
hardness : H
(min 250℃
X 60min)
Package 2component
(Paint : Hardner
= 25:1)
1 component
Pot life
after mix
Within 4 hours
(at 20℃)
Product Line Up
Color DFT Dilution ratio
Coating interval
㎛/time Brush Spray Brush Spray Min Max
RT to
MH-600 Primer Gray 20㎛ 0 - 10 0 - 15 0.15㎏ 0.20㎏ 4
MH-600 Top coat Silver 10㎛ 0 - 3 0 - 3 0.11㎏ 0.16㎏
MH-600 Top coat Special color 20㎛ 0 - 10 5 - 15 0.15㎏ 0.20㎏
  • Apply MH thinner for dilution.
  • DFT is a minimum film thickness to secure film property.
  • Correspond to order-made basis.
Caution on the application of Heatop MH-600
  1. Substrate surface treatment : Wipe off oil from substrate surface by thinner then implement blast shot, ISO Sa 2.5 minimum.After the treatment of substrate, remove dirts by air blow then implement undercoat spray
  2. Remove oil, fat, moisture, dust, water, and other harmful foreign matters on the substrate completely.
  3. Refrain from spray at below 5℃ or at humidity higher than 85%.
  4. Paint to be well agitated before use.
  5. In case spray interval is out of specification, too long, apply sanding to obtain rough surface then implement spray.
  6. Paint usage is fluctuated due to the shape of coating object, surface condition, and spray condition.
  7. After mixing hardener, agitate well then dilute by thinner (Dilution ratio is calculated by weight)
  8. Mixing ratio Paint : Hardener=25:1 (by weight)
  9. Be aware of pot life after mixing hardener (Please see the comparison of MH-600 and S-600 table above)
  10. Store at dangerous goods warehouse with tightly sealed at good ventilation and prohibition of flame.
  11. Regarding detailed paint handling and safety information, please refer to paint specification sheet and SDS.