• Exclusively used for stainless substrate.
  • Feasible to stand the heat from 200 - 600℃ as film.
  • Excellent heat and corrosion resistance.
  • One-component type. Excellent workability with brush , roller and spray.


Chemical plant equipments made of stainless.


15㎏, 4㎏ (Designated thinner : 16L, 4L)

Product Line up
Product name Color DFT Dilution ratio
Std usage
Coating interval
㎛/time Brush
Spray Brush
Spray Min Max
ST-300 Silver 10㎛ 0 - 3 0 - 3 0.11㎏ 0.16㎏ min
Special color 20㎛ 5 - 10 5 - 20 0.15㎏ 0.20㎏
ST-600 Silver 10㎛ 0 - 3 0 - 3 0.11㎏ 0.16㎏ min
Special color 20㎛ 5 - 10 5 - 20 0.15㎏ 0.20㎏
  • Apply ST thinner for dilution.
  • DFT (Dry Film Thickness) : Minimum film thickness to secure property.
  • Above products are made to order.
  • Basically these products are applied for outer only hence it may not be feasible to maintain enough property if applied for inner.
Caution on application of Stainless type
  1. Substrate surface treatment : In case of using surface treated SUS-304 and SUS-410, which oxide layer is removed,remove sticked oil and fat from surface of substrate by thinner then remove rust and foreign matters by motored tools then obtain rough surface by sanding.
    After substrate surface treatment, remove dirts on surface by air blow then implement application.
    Regarding substrate surface treatment of other stainless surface treated material and content, please consult us.
  2. Comparing to steel, stainless has high coefficient of thermal expansion; therefore, if film thickness is too high, film can not follow the expansion of substrate and it may cause peeling hence specified film thickness should be kept.
  3. Refrain from applying at below 5℃ or humidity higher than 85%.
  4. In order to improve affinity with substrate, brush for 1st undercoat is recommended.
  5. In case interval is out of specification, too long, apply sanding to obtain rough surface then implement coating.
  6. In case Active film was left at the recoat, implement a motor tool sanding to obtain rough surface.
  7. Paint usage is fluctuated by shape of coating object, surface condition, and coating condition.
  8. When can is opened, confirm the condition of settling in the bottom then agitate well to be homogenious.
  9. Store in dangerous goods warehouse with tightly sealed at good ventilation and prohibition of flame .